2015 Setup of the industry competence centre for the demanufacturing of refrigerators and cooling appliances in Mettlach, Saar.

2013 First RALCO2OL-Print – Certificate

2012 Start of implementation of EN 50574

2007 Capacity expansion and new metal and plastic sorting at the production center in Mettlach

2006 Launch of the expansion in North America and Brazil

2005 Establishment of the first partnership in Switzerland.

2004 Due to the new legal framework, SEG launches an expansion with a new business model. The objective is to place demanufacturing systems on the market by means of national partnerships, as well as to coordinate and optimise the running operation of the system.

2003 The SEG's first stationary refrigerator and cooling appliances demanufacturing system is commissioned in Timelkam, Austria.

2002 EU Directive 2002/96/EC stipulates that manufacturers are responsible for the scrap electric and electronic components placed on the market.

1992 The SEG starts offering services in other European countries. (Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, France). The customers are the municipalities, federations and public institutions.

1989 The first systems got operational and are used by the SEG itself for refrigerator and cooling appliances demanufacturing services. Customers are municipalities in Germany.

1988 Development of systems for the environmentally friendly demanufacture of used refrigerators and cooling appliances and the highest-possible recovery of CFC (ozone damage/global warming potential). The SEG develops, constructs and operates mobile systems for this purpose.

1987 The SEG is founded by brothers Hans-Peter and Hermann-Josef Walter in Mettlach, Saarland. The objective is to fulfil environmental protection responsibilities as a service.